Exploring Science and Design with a Maple Seed

A maple seed offers us many opportunities to learn about science,
technology, and design. Click on the pictures to study maple
seeds with me, and use them to design an origami model. Perhaps
you will discover how to fold an original one of your own!  If you
do, I hope you will tell me about it.

Then we will analyze and experiment with variations of an origami
maple seed. Our search to understand how maple seeds work will
introduce us to some of the principles of science and examples of
art and technology in today's world. The words on the right
indicate some that occurred to me as I was investigating the maple
seed through design.



Places Where You Can Learn More About Maple Seeds

Whirling Wonders - Science Museum of Minnesota

NASA's Maple Seed Activity Page

Maple Seed Measurements

Botanical Characteristics of Maple Trees

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