Random Word Haiku

Haiku is an honored form of poetry of Japanese origin. Its unrhymed three lines contain usually 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Yet even within these strict constraints, haiku poets write with subtlety and depth.

Random word haiku borrows the verse form of haiku, but uses words chosen at random to fit the syllable structure. Of course, any meaning in such verse is accidental, yet it can be surprising how often it can seem to be more meaningful, whether profound, humorous or just delightfully bizarre, than chance would allow. Random word haiku elicits meaning from our own knowledge and connections between concepts. The fact that English allows nouns to be used as adjectives helps, too.

Please see the Haiku links at Yahoo for other haiku pages, both authentic and computer generated. In particular, haikuworld and haiku.com are recommended. Other forms of algorithmic text are also available.

I hope you enjoy the random word haiku poems generated for you below. They were selected out of 5.75 x 10^30 possible ones (a nicely coincidental number). Since the vocabulary can be obscure, each word is linked to its entry in Mirriam-Webster's WWW Dictionary.
Lava sustenance,
prognathism vagrom wrapper,
remand improvable.

Unless Ghibelline,
wager commingle whitebait,

Colligate blackout,
courtesan flagman selsyn,
thorium implore.

Tetrachord tendresse,
mastoiditis elector widgeon,
glycerate aircraft.

Kilovar carrousel,
riverbed Kongo rootlet,
prosateur towline.

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Steve Kinzler <kinzler@cs.indiana.edu>