For our project, we aimed to create a doll whose eyes flashed in time with music and whose arms moved to conduct it.

The process begins when we upload our code for the tune of “Happy Birthday” to the speaker. The vibrations from this melody trigger the Knock sensor, which in turn sets off the two red LED lights that are inserted into the doll's eyes. As a result, the lights flash according to the music. Furthermore, we attached two servo motors to the doll's arms, which are controlled by a Wii Nunchuck. The arms, therefore, move based on the movements of the Nunchuck, allowing us to make the doll “conduct” the music.

We encountered some problems throughout the process, such as the music vibrations not being strong enough to trigger the Knock sensor. A primary source of frustration was the fact that the speaker basically took over the Arduino, preventing us from being able to run several functions at once. To rectify this problem, we used one computer/arduino solely for the speaker, and another computer/arduino for the sensor, LED lights, and Nunchuck. In theory, the doll “conducting” the music with the servo motors inserted into its arms seemed plausible; however, the execution of this idea was much more challenging than expected. In reality, the arms sort of just spazzed. Although it did not work as anticipated, it serves as a great example of ways in which we could improve this project.

Check out the video!

Last modified: 2011/11/22 13:07