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   Arlington Heights — 10/08

   Girls Inc. — 10/07

   Sycamore School — 3/07

What people are saying...
Thank you for the marvelous presentation that Tara and Jamie enthusiastically shared. Their expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and above all, a sense of fun made this a wonderfully received educational opportunity. — MARCIA DAVIS (Batchelor)
I am very glad that we hosted Just Be at Pike High School!! Our enrollment in our Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) had an increase of women after the presentation, which I attribute to the Just Be presenters. It is "cool" for women to work with technology. — BENJAMIN CSIKOS (Pike)
You did an EXCELLENT job and should be commended on your efforts. You are really making a difference in the future of computing! — RYAN RITZ (Park Tudor)

Just Be presenters Kristy and Jacki

Just Be presenter Jacki

Bring IT On! teaches other schools how to create K-12 outreach programs using Just Be as a model.

Just Be Slides Just Be is an interactive experience created by the Women in Computing group at Indiana University-Bloomington. The goal of the interactive experience is to break common stereotypes about people in computing. The presentation begins with an introduction of presenters to give audience members an idea of what the presenters did while they were in school. During the interactive component, audience members use eInstruction voting modules to participate in fun polls challenging personal stereotypes. Just Be concludes by describing interesting fields of computing to spark people's involvement in computing.

Just Be is presented at regional K-12 schools. Just Be is a free outreach program. The inviting schools do not have to provide sponsorship.

To schedule a Just Be visit at your school, start by filling out our online interest form.

Arlington Heights — 10/08

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    Just Be is modeled after Carnegie Mellon University's Women @ SCS's Outreach Roadshow.

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