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Slides are only accessible from IU IP addresses or from off campus by using a VPN connection.   Slides of future sessions are posted as an illustration, but may be updated and re-posted before presentation in class.

·      Machine Learning

·      Case-based planning (CHEF)

·      Planning (chap 10)

·      Reasoning under uncertainty (chap 14)

·      OpenCYC API slides

·      Ontologies, semantic Web and Cyc

·      Probability and Bayes Nets

·      Mycin

·      Bagger

·      Logic  and chaining (chap 7+8)

·      Adversarial search (chap 5)

·      Genetic algorithms and in-class exercise

·      Local search (chap 4)

·      Informed search (chap 3)

·     Uninformed search (chap 3)

·     Intro to agents (chap 2)

·     Intro to AI


Using Remote Machines

Python References


The Google quick python course is highly recommended.  It has links to many useful resources.   Codeacadamy has another python course.

Web Sites/Articles of Interest

On-line Demos, Software, and Video Clips


AI/Cog Sci societies

If you're interested in going deeper into AI/Cog Sci, you should consider joining societies such as the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, the Cognitive Science Society, or the ACM's SIGART. All offer very reasonable student membership rates including publications (AI Magazine, Cognitive Science, and SIGART Bulletin).