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CS B552 Knowledge-Based Computation

MW 2:30-3:45, LH008

Spring 2014

Instructor: David Leake

Associate instructors:  Shreya Rattan and Mingze Xu



The midterm exam will be at our normal class time/room on Wed, Mar 12.  The exam covers all material in the readings, posted slides, class discussions and homeworks.  Students may use a sheet of notes (one side of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper).  A sample exam is posted (available from IU IP addresses).

Welcome to the class!   Each student is responsible for reading all pages on this site during the first week of classes.  The administration page has important information on course prereqs, policies/requirements, office hours, etc.   Also, for those wondering about their coding background for the course, a sample homework is available to give you a sense of what the homeworks will involve.