B552: Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2015

Instructor: David Leake

Meeting time and place

Monday and Wednesday 2:30-3:45, LH008


Burgeoning availability of Web-based knowledge sources makes this an exciting time for knowledge-based artificial intelligence. This course examines knowledge-based methods for AI, addressing issues and approaches in knowledge representation, organization, access, and application. Specific topics include knowledge structures for plans and goals; schema-based and analogical reasoning; and principles of memory organization, indexing and retrieval, and exploitation of large-scale knowledge sources. The course will investigate these areas in the context of tasks such as story understanding, explanation, planning, problem-solving, and decision support, to provide a view of the state of the art in knowledge-based computation. An additional goal of the course is to provide hands-on experience in analyzing, presenting, and conducting research.


Requirements for the course will include readings, participation in discussions, homework assignments, in-class presentations, and a semester programming project using the student's choice of programming language. This project may be done individually or in two-person groups.

Students who wish to may consider projects oriented towards the Computer Cooking Competition. With permission of the instructor, these might be done in a larger team, if appropriate.


Most course readings will be recent papers/articles and materials on reserve; there will be no textbook.

Russell & Norvig's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Third edition, Prentice Hall, 2009, is a recommended additional reference but does not need to be purchased for the course.


Computer Science B551, Elements of Artificial Intelligence, or another introductory course in artificial intelligence.

Additional information

Please contact David Leake (leake@cs) for any questions.