Class Schedule and Readings

Papers listed in the class schedule are available from the reading list. Get started on your required readings early so you have time to get help on extra background reading material if you need it.

Day/Date Topic Covered Required Readings/HandoutsOptional Readings/Remarks
Mon (1/9/12) Internet Protocol stack overview Biggest cyber-criminal take-down in history (November, 2011)
Wed (1/11/12) Email spam[levchenko-sp11] Questions to ask while writing the critical review
Sample summary
Mon (1/16/12) MLK holiday    
Wed (1/18/12) Malware distribution, web service abuse via freelance labor[caballero-security11], [motoyama-security11] 
Mon (1/23/12) Spam on OSNs[gao-ndss12], [lee-ndss12] 
Wed (1/25/12) Malicious domains, project discussion[jiang-ndss12] 
Mon (1/30/12) Web search fraud[moore-ccs11], [lu-ccs11]Twitter acquires Dasient for anti-malvertising technology
Wed (2/1/12)Website cloaking, Android permissions[wang-ccs11], [felt-ccs11] 
Mon (2/6/12) Clickbots, OSN attacks[miller-dimva11], [irani-dimva11] 
Wed (2/8/12) Malicious activity in residential networks, honeypots[maier-dimva11], [kapravelos-dimva11] 
Mon (2/13/12) Fraud in ad networks, botnet victims[stone-imc11], [shin-raid11] 
Wed (2/15/12) Inflight content modification, registrar intervention in fraud[zhang-leet11], [lie-leet11]Top 10 counterfeit goods
Mon (2/20/12) Underground forums, ad fraud[motoyama-imc11], [zhang-web11] 
Wed (2/22/12) Malicious Android apps[zhou-ndss12] 
Mon (2/22/12) Modern Web traffic[ihm-imc11], [butkiewicz-im11] 
Wed (2/29/12) YouTube uploaders[ding-imc11] 
Mon (3/5/12) Suspended Twitter accounts, DNS behavior of malicious domains[hao-imc11], [thomas-im11]Political campaign targeting users
Wed (3/7/12) SSL certificates[holz-imc1]Spyware used as a weapon in Syrian conflict
Your mobile phone is mining data about you
Mon (3/12/12) Spring break    
Mon (3/14/12) Spring break    
Mon (3/19/12) Tracking on the Web, collecting forensic evidence[roesner-nsdi11], [shields-dfrws11]User tracking on the Web not as scary
How companies learn your secrets
How to prepare for Google's privacy changes
Wed (3/21/12) Deciphering encrypted VoIP[white-sp11]Hacker crackdown
'Kony 2012' Documentary Becomes Most Viral Video in History
Mon (3/26/12) Usability of ad blockers, DNS redirection for ads[leon-tr12], [weaver-foci11]] 
Wed (3/28/12) Project updates  
Mon (4/2/12) Single sign-on, IPv4 grey market[wang-sp12], [osterweil-hotnets11] 
Wed (4/4/12) Privacy-friendly advertising[bilenko-pets11] 
Mon (4/9/12) Anti-censorship systems[wustrow-security11] 
Wed (4/11/12) Anti-censorship systems[fifield-tr12]A contextual approach to privacy online
Mon (4/16/12) Dissecting Chinese censorship[winter-tr12], [moghaddam-tr12]Iran will create its own version of the Web
Wed (4/18/12) Connectivity loss due to censorship[dainotti-imc11] 
Mon (4/23/12) Skype censorship, location of censorship module in China[knockel-foci11], [xu-pam11] 
Wed (4/25/12) Demographic profiling in MMOG games[likarish-pets11]