Computer Science at Indiana University explores a broad range of areas to push the boundaries of modern computing. Our faculty work closely in a number of disciplines, primarily focusing on the following areas of research.


Our research in bioinformatics is concerned with the processing and managing of biological data to understand living systems and guide decisions about them, mostly at the molecular level.

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems encompasses a number of subfields studying reasoning and learning methods that collect data, analyze it and make inferences about the real world

Programming Languages

Our research on programming languages focuses on two key areas – the practical side and the more philosophical aspects of programming.


Our researchers work in areas such as systems, software, and network security to protect from outside attack, and usable security to ensure people from broad ranges.


Research into the improvement of the organization of data makes information more quickly accessible and develops the tools to identify problematic data.

Data Mining

Our research on data mining identifies patterns in data that solves both computational and practical problems.

Foundation Theory

Our work on Foundational Theory focuses on the study of the applied logic, algorithms, computational models, and methods that form the basis of computer science.

Parallel Systems

Designing and optimizing both hardware and software to more efficiently operate on a large scale is the focus of our research into parallel systems.


Our research in improving methods for designing system hardware and how to better utilize the computing tools currently at our disposal is the focus of our work in hardware.