Arun Chauhan, Adjunct Assistant Professor

I have moved to Google in Fall 2013.


Assistant Professor


Computer Science
School of Informatics and Computing

Mailing address

Indiana University
Lindley Hall Room 215
150 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana 47405


Lindley Hall 330 E




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Current Students

Past Students

  1. Pushkar Ratnalikar (PhD, defended May 2015, joined MathWorks)
  2. Adnan Ozsoy (PhD, defended May 2014, co-advised with Martin Swany)
  3. Ankit Khandelwal (Masters)
  4. Chun-Yu Shei (PhD, defended Jan 2014, joined MathWorks)
  5. Kartik Mathur (Masters, joined AMD)
  6. Uday Pitambare (Masters, joined Delphi)
  7. Bitan Saha (Masters, joined Compuware)
  8. Frank Mackey (Undergrad)
  9. Caitlin Orr (Undergrad, joined the Pittsburgh Cancer Research Center)
  10. Claire Alvis (Undergrad, joined the PhD program at Northeastern)
  11. Dylan Bargatze (Undergrad)
  12. Melanie (Dybvig) Kambadur (Undergrad, joined the PhD program at Columbia)
  13. Fangzhou Jiao (Masters, joined a startup in Long Island)
  14. Rohith Goparaju (Masters, joined Bloomberg, New York)
  15. Kewal Karavinkoppa (Masters)
  16. Daniel McFarlin (Undergrad, joined the PhD program at CMU)
  17. Pooja Malpani (Masters, joined Microsoft, Redmond, WA)
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