Welcome to the Journal of Maple Seed Science. The journal is one way for you to publish your work with maple seeds on the web. We welcome your contributions, from designs of flying toys to experiments in biology and physics. We hope you will show us connections between science, technology, design and society that the simple elegance of a whirling maple seed can inspire. Please share your vision!


Exploring Science and Design with a Maple Seed

Designing a Maple Seed Rocket


Ideas for Articles You Might Contribute

Rotating Egg Drop. How large a seed can you build? Can it carry an egg safely to the ground?

Natural Helicopters. Are there seeds that use two blades for rotation?

Maple Kites. Can you build a kite modeled on a maple seed?

Wandering Seeds. How far can a maple seed travel? Can your models go further?

...And Anything Else You Think Is Cool!

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