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NEW! Now you can enter multiple zip codes in a single query. MAKE SURE you put a comma between each zip code. Try to avoid doing more than 3 or 4 zip codes at once, else your web browser may timeout.

  • Be patient! For most zip codes your map should be generated in a few minutes.
  • Note this system is still in the testing stage. If it crashes then email me and tell me what your actions were
  • *Please* also realize that due to limitations in the geocoding as well as my data source this system does NOT work very well for zip codes representing a small population and contributions under $200 are not required to be present in the public databases.
  • My data source is limited to contributions only to the two major parties during the 2004 Presidential election.

    Be sure to click on the Red and Blue markers in the generated map
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    Primary source of data: The Fundrace Project

    This project was performed by Matthew Kane as a project in Markus Jakobsson's Fall '05 security class.
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