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Q: Why do I keep getting kicked out when I try to login on the console of a unix machine?

When you log in on the console of a unix/linux machine the windowing system (ie. Gnome or KDE) has to write some information to your home directory. If you are over your disk quota and this information cannot be written, you will be kicked right back off after you enter your password. The only way to get around this is to reduce your disk usage so you are under your disk quota.

There are two ways you can login to clean things up. First, you can login remotely via ssh which should work even if you are over your quota. Second, it is possible to log in on the console of a Linux workstatations without using a GUI, which would allow you to at least get into the system so you can clean up enough to get under your disk quota. To do this, you can go to an alternate console by hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1. This should give you a terminal login where you can enter your username and password to login. Once you log out of this session, hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to the GUI login manager.

For further information about disk usage and your account status, please see the Account Information Page and the Quota FAQ Entry.

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