Indiana University Bloomington

School of Informatics and Computing

Technical Report TR614:
dQUOBEC Event Channel Communication System

Nithya Vijayakumar, Beth Plale
(May 2005), 14 pages
We introduce dQUOBEC, the event channel communication system used by dQUOB. It is a publish/subscribe system implemented as event channels and uses Portable Binary Input Output (PBIO) for data transfer. It supports typed channels, in that a channel transfers events having the same type. dQUOBEC has been implemented with C++ and provides C++ and Java API for applications. The main features of dQUOBEC are light weight implementation, easy to use API, decentralized connection handling and efficient memory management. In this paper we discuss our motivation to develop dQUOBEC, its design, architecture, scalability and performance.

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