FAQ about Textbooks

Q1: I am a student in A110 now. Are there any required materials for this class?

A: Welcome to A110! There are two required materials in general: the textbook and MyItLab. For the textbook, you can choose the printed book, the eBook, or both. If you purchase the textbook in the bookstore, it comes bundled with an access code to the eText, and to MyItLab, and for most of you, this will be the preferred way to get your textbook. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q2: Do I need a textbook? How can I get one?

A: Yes, a textbook is required for this course. You can find the information about the textbook in the syllabus. If you would like to get a textbook, but want to know what your options are, the flow chart below may be helpful.

Caution:If you plan to get a textbook, make sure you get the correct one as shown in the syllabus. Every printed textbook will come bundled with an Access Code for MyItLab, but this code will be INVALID if it has been used for the registration of MyItLab by someone else. So please be very very careful, because you cannot obtain this code from other students, unless they bought the book, NEVER USED IT, and then are selling the code along with the book. Therefore, you should find out if this is true before you buy the book from other people if you would like to have the access code. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q3: What's the MyItLab access code? Do I need one?

A: The access code for MyItLab is the code for your registration for MyItLab, the online assessment and training environment for Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, Access, etc. Every printed textbook will always come bundled with an Access Code for MyItLab. The code can also be purchased seperately through the Pearson A110 website's portal. The students are expected to do their trainings and assignments for Microsoft Office tools through MyItLab because it is efficient and convenient for both instructors and students, and includes many student resources, videos, immediate feedback, and instant grades. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q4: Is it really required to register for MyItLab? I mean, is there a way I don't have to register for MyItLab but still finish this course?

A: Well, it is not so required though strongly recommended by us. Some students find they can make it work without getting access to MyItLab. If you are NOT going to get an access code to get enrolled in MyItLab, you can download student data filesand do the assignments and trainings in the local environment. The training is required, but how you do it is up to you. By the way, it is important to know that you cannot answer the training questions without a textbook. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q5: I have already got a printed textbook. Do I need to buy the access code for MyItLab through the Pearson A110 Website's Portal?

A: Every printed textbook will always come bundled with an Access Code for MyItLab unless it is a used one. If the access code in the textbook is still valid (which means it has not yet been used for registration), you can of course use that code and do NOT have to purchase one code through the website's portal or anywhere else. Most people who buy the book used, will have to purchase the access code seperately. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q6: Is the printed book the same as the eTextbook?

A: Yes, they have the same content. You do not need to have both of them. The eTextbook however, has search features, etc. If you purchase printed textbooks from book stores, an access to the online eTextbook is already included. [Go Back to the Question List]

Q7: I have the access code for MyItLab, but how can I register for MyItLab?

A: Click here to enter the Pearson A110 Website. You can see the web page below.

Click on the "Student" button. You will be taken to web page below. You will need your Email, Course ID and an Access Code or a Credit Card.

Click on the "OK! Register now >" button.You will be prompted to enter your course ID as shown in the screen below. Course ID's can be found at the bottom of this page.Course IDs

After typing your course ID, click "Continue" button. You will be prompted for the username / password of your Pearson account as shown below. If you do not already have a Pearson account, please create one by clicking on the create button.

Please fill in all the details to create an account.Once you have created the registration you will be prompted to select an option.

If you are using an access code, please click on the "Access Code" button.

You will be then prompted to enter the access code. Access codes can be found at the end of your text books. After typing in the Access code, please click on finish. once you are registered you will be redirected to the page below.Click on the link "2015 Spring, A110 section xxxxx" as shown below.

You will now be redirected to your account where you will be able to access course material, e-text, assignments etc.

click on course materials tab to view e-text, and practice material.

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Q8: What is my MyItLab Course ID?

A: Your course ID is unique to your lab section number. Be sure you pick the correct ID that corresponds to the lab section you are enrolled in. You can find your course ID by your lab section number in the table below. [Go Back to the Question List]