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Tools for Computing:
Android Application Interface
Design and Programming.


Instructor: Jeff Whitmer

Jeff Whitmer

  • My "Permanent" Office: Lindley Hall 201G.
  • My "Hotel" Office: INFO West W204.
  • Office Hours:

    • INFO West W204: Tuesday/Thursday: 8:00 - 10:30am. Appointments also available.

    • Lindley Hall 201G: Friday: 8:00 - 8:45am. Appointments also available.

  • Office Hour Special NOTES:
    • Any changes to my office hours will be posted here.

      • Tuesday, January 10, 2017: FIRST DAY THIS CLASS MEETS.

      • Monday, January 16, 2017: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: IU CLASSES DO NOT MEET.

  • Lindley Hall LH201G Office Phone: 855-3974.
  • E-mail: jwhitmer@cs.indiana.edu.

Meeting Times: (Spring 2017)

  • Tuesday/Thursday: 2:30 - 3:45pm (section 13484 and 15699)
    SPEA 151 (PV 151)

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Important Updates for All Students enrolled in
Spring 2017


[LAST UPDATED: 3/6/2017]


  • Participation Scores, Final Averages, and Final Grades are posted: Participation scores, Final Averages, and Final Grades have been posted on Canvas. Final Grades have been submitted to the Registrar. Please read the following carefully before contacting me about your grade.

    Because the quality of work for the course was high for the group, I could only justify a very small adjustment in the final grading scale. The NEW final scale is 89-79-69-59 with the top and bottom 2.5% representing the + and - grade respectively. Please remember, your final average is not simply adding all the scores together and dividing by the total possible. You can confirm this on the "General Course Information" page, but the equation used was: Homework PROGRAMS % x .25 + Participation % x .10 + Attendance % x .05 + MINI/JIT/CAT % x .10 + Final Project % x .50 = some total less than 100.00. All calculations were taken out to 5 decimal places even though only 2 are displayed. Unless you think there is an arithmetic error, you should consider these grades as final, as I have already carefully considered each grade and made an adjustment to the scale. Please note this especially as it relates to "borderline" grades. I've already looked at every grade and if a change was made, it was only if there was consistent work in every category. If you missed work of any sort for any reason, you should not expect to be moved to the next highest grade. Overall, out of 25 students earning a grade, 9 students earned some version of "A", 10 students earned some version of "B" and 1 student earned some version of a "C" and 5 students earned below a C- because of late and/or missing work. The class average for the Final Grade was 87.88%

    NOTE: The REAL average posted in the last section of Canvas Assignments is correct, as is the "Official" Final Grade posted in that same section. You must ignore the "auto calculate" versions that Canvas presents.

    NOTE on "Participation." While this is a subjective score, it was very good for most of the class, with a vast majority of the scores in the 90s. It is important to remind you, as I said in the first week, it is impossible to separate Participation from Attendance. If you were not present in class, it was impossible to achieve a superior participation score. The class average was 87.00%

    Once again, thanks for being a terrific group of students and for all your hard work on just the second version of this course. I hope you found the course worthwhile and that everyone has a great rest of the semester.

  • Final Project Phase 3 scores and Final Project overall scores posted and Phase 3 emails sent: You should have all received an email with your Phase 3 score. These were all very good submissions, with scores on Phase 3 ranging from 60.50 to 96.00 out of 100 (with a few very low scores), with a Phase 3 average of 79.78%. There were 9 in the 90s, 5 in the 80s, 5 in the 70s, 2 in the 60s, and 4 below 60 including some who did not submit Phase 3. Remember that your overall score includes Phase 1 + Phase 2 making 30% and Phase 3 making 70%. The overall scores were also very good, with an average of 82.24%. There were 8 in the 90s, 9 in the 80s, 3 in the 70s, and 5 below 60 due to missing work. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Only the "REAL Final Project TOTAL" in the Final Project group is accurate.

  • Your CAT 4 score and overall average for "MINI/JIT/CAT" are posted: Keep in mind these various overall averages carry different "weights" in determining your final average for the course. You can review those "weights" on the "General Course Information" page. There were 3 MINIs (15 each), 4 JITs (3 each) and 4 CATs (10 each) for a total of 97 possible points. The course average on these was 79.59%. ALSO NOTE: I did my best to point out on the first day that if you missed one MINI or one CAT or a couple of class meetings, each was worth a small enough part of your final grade it wouldn't make a difference. HOWEVER, I also said that if you missed several MINIs and/or several CATs and/or many classes, it would definitely have an impact. For a few of you, this turned out to the be the case. There were 4 100s, 8 average in the 90s, 2 in the 80s, 5 in the 70s, 2 in the 60s, and 4 below 60. What appears on Canvas is correct.

    Your overall averages for "Attendance" are now posted also. For "Attendance" there were 16 class meetings. Every one who attended regularly is counted present for the 1 meeting I cancelled for personal reasons and the Career Fair. If you had an excused absence, it counted neither for nor against you. The class Attendance average was 87.50%, with 14 100s, 4 in the 90s, 4 in the 80s, 1 in the 70s, 1 in the 60s, and 1 below 60. As noted in class, if your attendance was low, you should not expect a high "Participation" score when those are posted later this week-end or next Monday. The Averages on Canvas are correct, but rounded. In my records, they are stored to two decimal places for greater accuracy.


Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, Spring 2017: