Advanced Computer Graphics
(3 credit hours)
CSCI B581 Spring 2018
    Some examples from previous semesters:
  * B581 Spring 2017
  * B581 Fall 2014
(note: in previous semesters, the course was based on several different platforms than it will be in Spring 2018)

in Spring 2018: 3D & 2D Computer Graphics Programming with OpenGL ES on iOS
OpenGL ES is a shader-based API using the GLSL programming language to write GPU-run code.
Supported platform for Spring 2018 semester:
 OpenGL ES 3.0 API,
 written in GLSL (GPU-side shader code)
 and Swift (CPU-side application code)
 for iOS.

(*) bringing your own device is not required: you may complete B581 just as successfully by writing and running the same graphics programs on iOS simulators that run on STC lab computers.
program OpenGL ES...
OpenGL ES on iOS
...on iOS

 Mitja Hmeljak, mitja*indiana*edu 
 [CSCI-C 343 and (MATH-M 301 or M 303)],
 or equivalent experience:
 data structures & mathematics for vectors and matrices
 [CSCI-C 212 and a working knowledge of a C-like language],
 or equivalent programming experience. 

Course Description 
 Introduction to graphics hardware and software.
 Two-dimensional graphics methods, transformations, and interactive methods.
 Three-dimensional graphics, transformations, viewing geometry, object modeling and interactive manipulation methods.
 Basic lighting and shading.
 Video and animation methods.
 Credit not given for both B581 and B481.

Mitja Hmeljak