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March 27, 2006

Bloomington, IN. The LEAD project announces the release of MyLEAD V1.2. myLEAD is a personal metadata catalog for storing and searching widely distributed, terascale, and federated scientific data products. The metadata catalog service plugs into the LEAD Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The new release V1.2 is built on top of the UK OGSA-DAI OGSI R6, which is compatible with Globus Toolkit 3.2.1, and uses mySQL 5.0.18.

Data products are stored and retrieved as XML documents defined by the LEAD Metadata Schema (LMS). The LMS is a profile of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata standard, thus both extends and specializes the FGDC standard.

"The major strengths of the myLEAD metadata catalog are its support for XML and its efficient storage of dynamically added attributes", according to Professor Plale, myLEAD project director. " The XML documents are stored in the relational database using a hybrid technique that combines shredding and selective use of CLOBS (character blobs). New attributes or annotations to a data product can be added on the fly to the database, allowing annotation after-the-fact. Efficient support for dynamic attributes means much of the domain specific scientific knowledge can be stored in a domain-independent way, easing the port of the catalog to other domains."

The project's next steps are porting myLEAD to OGSA-DAI WSRF 2.1, deploying a hardened myLEAD in a distributed configuration on the LEAD grid, and performance optimizations to minimize the duplicate copies of a data product.

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