LEAD data management

LEAD VO Metadata Catalog

LEAD VO Metadata Catalog service is a virtual organization-level catalog or storing metadata descriptions of resources that are shared amongst members of the LEAD virtual organization. The VO catalog is a single point of contact to discoverdata products, collections of data products, web services, databases, and data servers.

VO catalog has rich query access to enable complex queries across all object descriptions. The actual objects reside elsewhere. The VO catalog works closely with other catalogues, such as the Unidata THREDDS catalog to eliminate redundant information.

More information on the LEAD VO Catalog is available here.


myLEAD tool is, at its core, a metadata catalog that stores the metadata of data products, and at times the products themselves, that are generated and used in the course of scientific investigation. The data products themselves reside either in the database along with the metadata information, or in a separate storage repository. The benefit of using the tool is that it organizes and keeps track of all relevant information for an experimental run, including a user's preferred compute servers, the scripts and input files, associated documentation, provenance of the generated data products, and status of the run.

LEAD Portal https://lead.extreme.indiana.edu:8443/gridsphere/gridsphere