Class MyLeadDeleteUserImpl

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by edu.indiana.dde.mylead.dai.MyLeadActivity
              extended by edu.indiana.dde.mylead.dai.MyLeadDeleteUserImpl

public class MyLeadDeleteUserImpl
extends MyLeadActivity

Handles delete user Elements from a Grid Data Service Document.

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Constructor Summary
MyLeadDeleteUserImpl(org.w3c.dom.Element element)
Method Summary
protected  boolean getResult()
          This method does the actual processing of the delete and builds a response back to the user.
 void processBlock()
          This method will return the output on the outputStream.
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Constructor Detail


public MyLeadDeleteUserImpl(org.w3c.dom.Element element)

element - Element containing Statement conforming to schema for this activity. It is assumed schema checks have been carried out.
Throws: - If there is a problem constructing the activity due to an implementation error or OGSA-DAI confguration problem. - If there is a problem constructing the activity due to a user mistake such as an invalid setting.
Method Detail


protected boolean getResult()
                     throws java.sql.SQLException,
This method does the actual processing of the delete and builds a response back to the user. If the delete encounters any error in executing or in the data (e.g., the user does not exist) then an OGSA-DAI ActivityUserException is thrown and the processBlock method outputs the error message returned to the user. If the delete is successful, this method adds the metadata response with the ReturnType indicating success.

getResult in class
boolean indicating if getResult completed. Although the return value is not used in this activity's process block method, it has to return a boolean since this method returns a boolean in the SQLActivity as defined in OGSA-DAI.
SQLException, - ActivitySystemException, ActivityUserException


public void processBlock()
This method will return the output on the outputStream. After the MyLeadDeleteUserImpl instance has been constructed, all of the parameters have been parsed from the input perform document. OGSA-DAI will then call processBlock() until there are no more results. When this method is called, if there is not a connection, a connection will be acquired (or processing is complete). If a connection is established (either new or already existing) then getResult() will be called. The getResult() method will put the output to mOutput. Compared to other activities which may process in blocks, this activity always writes it result out as a single block. If the results are query results, the activity generally feads a deliver to stream activity. No Exceptions are thrown since they will be flagged as a status flag with the activity and the output stream will be closed On error endProcessing is called and the ERROR status is set.

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