Relational Grid Resources (RGR)

The Relational Grid Resource project explores data models for storage of grid information system data. Grid information includes information and attributes about resources in a computational or data grid, including compute servers, clusters, storage resources, people, groups of people, etc.

The needs of the computations that run on a grid impose a unique set of demands on a resource repository. Specifically, user-driven needs include complex queries over the resource repository and update rates that guarantee a level of freshness.

We developed a database benchmark/workload for purposes of better understanding relative strengths of different platforms for grid information servers. A grid information server is an essential component of the distributed grid middleware as it is a repository of resource information about entities on the Grid.

The benchmark/workload is a set of queries and 'scenarios', or short-duration workloads, developed from a common representation for resource data that is neutral to a particular data model.

If you have any question, please contact project director Professor Beth Plale or Ying Liu.


RGRbench V1.0. (Latest update 05/17/06)
IU RGRbench Workload/Benchmark User Guide to Database Creation and Population



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