Non-local parks

Brown County / Hoosier Forest

The largest Indiana state park, Brown County State Park is east of Bloomington and south of nearby Nashville. To get there, take route 46 east out of town, and follow 46 until you see signs for the park. The state park has cabins, camping sites, bridel trails, hiking trails, cross-country skiing, fishing, swimming, and much more.

On the way, you might decide to stop by the T.C. Steele State Memorial, the home and studio of an Impressionist artist of Hoosier Group fame.

For more information, call (812) 988-6406.

McCormick's Creek

McCormick's Creek is Indiana's first state park, and has some beautiful scenery including waterfalls, limestone formations, and the White River, which flows along the west end of the park on its way to the Wabash River. The waterfalls are located near the entrance of the park along a rocky canyon with steep sides. Up on the north side of the park is Wolf Cave, a small crack in the rock that leads from one side of a small hill through to the other side, for a fifteen-minute tight squeeze. Nice camping, lots of trails, horseback riding, and more.

To get there from Bloomington, take route 46 west out of Bloomington, and the park is on the north side of the road about two miles before you get to Spencer. Only about twenty minutes out of Bloomington.

For more information, call (812) 829-2235.

Cataract Falls

Some of the largest falls in Indiana, Cataract Falls is a small but beautiful state park area.

To get there, take 46 west out of Bloomington to Spencer, then take 231 north for about half an hour, and turn left (west) when you see a sign for the park.

Turkey Run

A beautiful state park along Sugar Creek in west central Indiana, Turkey Run is most popular for its canoeing. Bring your own or rent a canoe for an hour or for days for some gentle, scenic canoeing. Or just watch others canoeing from the long hanging bridge and from the beaches and small cliffs along the creek. Camping and biking are also popular here.

For more information, call (317) 597-2635. Find a map of Indiana to find the best way to get there, probably using 231, or going through Indy.