Summer '96 Scheme Workshops

Compiling Scheme Workshop




In this workshop we will present and develop a native-code compiler for the core of Scheme using source-to-source transformations that is suitable for use as the basis for a course in compiler design.

There is a small amount of administrivia for this workshop, but we've hopefully kept it to a minimum.

We will spend the bulk of the time this workshop explaining the various transformations and passes of a simple Scheme compiler. These can most profitably be broken up into

Completed project code is available, though it may be removed at the beginning of September (participants will be contacted before the removal).

These four ``modules'' form the rough division of the compiler. For a more fine-grained picture, we have a road map available.

This is, of course, but a portion of the Summer '96 Scheme Workshops, but if this is the first you've heard of this then it's too late, you've already missed the other four portions <smile>.

Some other web pages that may or may not relate to this compilers course are: