UNIX and Emacs

Do this once but only once:

Log into your account and type:
(if you're a master of emacs, feel free to ignore this advice, but you might want to take a look at /u/ehilsdal/setup-emacs to pick and choose what you want)

Normally, what you want to do once you login is to type:

Once you hit return, the windowing system will start up. Once a window pops up on your screen, move your mouse into the large window, and type:
emacs &
After hitting return, move the outline of a window so the whole outline is visible and click a mouse button. You'll then have an emacs window on your screen.

We're going to be writing a lot of code for this workshop, so you should be very comfortable with your editor. On your own time, you might want to type

Ctrl-h t
to run the emacs tutorial and learn how to maneuver through the editor. There are a few Scheme-specific editor commands you should know about as well: All of these commands are also available under the Scheme mouse menu when you are editing a Scheme file.


If you plan to drive during this week, you'll want a parking permit. After you fill out a form, you'll get a sticker which will allow you to park in the ``A'' lots (basically anywhere on campus you can find a spot except ``Reserved'' and Handicapped parking spots). Let us know if you need a sticker.

Computer Security

Feel free to leave yourself logged in to whatever computer you choose to use: The only people with access to the room are the workshop participants and instructors.

If you wish to change your password, first telnet to whale:

telnet whale
and once you've logged in, type
and follow the directions on the screen.