This award is for the development of curricular materials and software to support the use of the Scheme programming language in undergraduate computer science courses. The exceptional simplicity and power of Scheme that account for its widespread use in computer science research also explain its increasing use in education. To assist in the development and distribution of quality instructional material based on Scheme, a programming environment will be developed that is portable to a wide range of implementations and window systems. This programming environment will support graphical user interface development, hypertext authoring and delivery, object-oriented programming, and static type analysis, among other modes of programming and course-ware development.

Indiana University at Bloomington will investigate the use of Scheme in a variety of courses, including but not limited to introductory programming, programming languages, mathematical methods, data structures, and artificial intelligence. Teaching materials to be developed include computer assisted instruction course-ware, outlines and visual aids for a variety of curricular options, laboratory manuals, and exercise sets including software support and solutions. Curricular knowledge, materials, and software will be disseminated through summer workshops, Internet, professional meetings, and publications. Evaluation instruments will assess the effectiveness of Scheme as a first programming language and the utility of the curricular materials developed by this project.