The Seventh Midwest AI and Cog Sci Conference

April 26-28, 1996

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The 1996 Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference was held in Bloomington, Indiana on the weekend of April 26 (Friday evening-Sunday noon). Midwesterners from San Diego to Darmstadt were in Bloomington for the occasion.

This year we featured invited talks by Jon Barwise (Indiana), Gary Dell (Illinois), and Doug Hofstadter (Indiana). A total of 42 technical papers were selected by our program committee and presented at the conference.

Two symposia were organized with the help of their coordinators: Language and Space (Terry Regier) and Forum on Teaching AI (Susan Fox). At the start of the conference, a prize for the Best Student Paper was presented to Naeem Shareef of the Ohio State University. For fun, we had a welcoming reception Friday evening (with live music) and a picnic dinner on Saturday evening.

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For more conference info, contact Michael Gasser, Robert Port, or Doug Blank.

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