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  • TitleA Specification Pattern System
    Developed ByGeorge Avrunin, James Corbett, Matthew Dwyer
    Course TypeSoftware Verification, Hardware Verification
    DescriptionThis page is the home of an online repository for information about property specification for finite-state verification. The intent of this repository is to collect patterns that occur commonly in the specification of concurrent and reactive systems. Most specification formalisms in this domain are a bit tricky to use. To make them easier to use our patterns come with descriptions that illustrate how to map well-understood, but imprecise, conceptions of system behavior into precise statements in common formal specification languages. We're already support mappings to a number of formalisms that have tool support for automated analysis.

  • TitleMetalogic Made Easy !?
    Developed ByJames Guymon
    Course TypeLogic
    DescriptionI have wriiten a 50 page paper on metalogic written with the student in mind. As a student myself, I found that there is not much out there either a, technical enough, or b, reasonably accessible. "Metalogic Made Easy!?" bridges the gap from intermediate logic student who is clueless to intermediate logic student who is confident, and ready for more.The work consists of three sections: I: Soundness and Completeness of Truth-Functional Logic, II: Soundness and Completeness of Quantificational Logic, and III: Incompleteness. The first two sections' content is obvious. The third section deals with what incompleteness is, and how even finite set theory will generate it. All axioms, definitions, theorems, and proofs are present, such as recursion, replacement notation, et al. I don't have a URL. If you are interested in reading this paper for possible submission, or even just out of curiousity, please contact me at Sukhbaatar@aol.com. I would love for fellow logic lovers, but not yet experts, to access this information in ONE place. -james

  • TitleSoftware Specification Instructional Materials
    Developed ByMatthew Dwyer and John Hatcliff
    Course TypeSoftware Engineering, Software Verification
    DescriptionThis course material emphasizes tool-based formal specification methods, and the distribution for instructors includes a variety of pedagogical materials such as Powerpoint lecture slides, streaming video for our lectures, sources for lectures examples, weekly quizzes and solutions, homeworks and solutions, exams and solutions. A separate distribution for students includes only the lecture slides and examples.

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