Foundations of Computing Group

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What we do

The Foundations of Computing and Programming play an increasingly important role in shaping the information revolution and opening new horizons for it. Technological advances unravel basic concepts and mathematical challenges; dually, foundational studies enable new technologies. The Foundations Group faculty and students focus their research on concepts and bridges that lie at the core of computing and programming. Examples include
  • Validation of imperative, declarative, and object-oriented programs
  • Program feasibility certification
  • Typing disciplines and monads for functional and object-oriented programs
  • Automatic support and logical foundations of syntactic theories
  • Non-classical logics and their computational contents
  • Models of information and computation
  • Computational and mathematical foundations of linguistics
  • New logical paradigms (e.g. visual, parallel, hybrid) that transcend traditional sequential and symbolic formalisms




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Courses in Foundations and related topics