Blackjack dealer

A device that plays the dealer's rules in the Blackjack card game. A standard design example used to illustrate design derivation, taken from the textbook, The Art of Digital Design by Franklin P. Prosser and David E. Winkel

purpose: research
dates: 1995
students: Gary B. Parker, David Braun,
engineering: William Hunt
faculty: Steve Johnson
information: IUCS TR321, TR323

The device shown is used to demonstrate the implementation of a Blackjack dealer contained in an Actel FPGA at the upper left. The circuit was derived using DDD from a translation of the design specification given in Prosser&Winkel. It is a small example used to illustrate the transformations.

The blackjack example has also been targeted to VLSI in RTBA (a), PLA (b) and standard cell (c) technologies. The designs shown below were not fabricated.