Indiana University Computer Science


"Hyplans" are personal web pages for users of the IU Computer Science systems. The name is a shortening of hypertext .plan, because they were originally seen as serving a similar functionality as .plan files with finger. IUCS users were some of the first on the Internet to have home pages available to them on the Web, and the name "hyplan" dates from then.

In order to set up a hyplan, simply create a publicly readable and accessible directory in your $HOME directory on a CS machine called .hyplan, and a file in that new directory called index.html which contains legal HTML. Then run the command makehyplan to make symbolic links to the file from /l/www/hyplan/yourname.html and /l/www/hyplan/yourname/index.html, so it's part of the department web server document tree in /l/www. You can put auxiliary and additional web files in your .hyplan directory, too, to build a personal web site.

The IUCS Personnel Directory also serves as an index to all the hyplans available. Your new hyplan will be listed in this directory starting the day after you first create it.

Since your hyplan index.html file has two different locations in the web server document tree, it's important that it works when accessed via either path. To ensure this, either (a) use only absolute references in the page (ie, those beginning with /l/www/ or a web protocol tag [eg, http:]) or (b) include a <base> definition tag in the <head>...</head> section of the page to define a complete URL that all relative references should be relative to. For example,

<base href="">

Watch those file permissions! The server runs as nobody (for security) and won't be able to serve your files unless the files are readable and the entire directory path to them is searchable. Also, be aware that symbolic links in the department web server document tree are restricted so that they're only effective for the server if the creator/owner of the link is the same as the owner of the file or directory they link to. So you should only create links to things you own. Symbolic links here with improper owners may be deleted. And, make sure the links will resolve properly on any CS machine.

The global address for your hyplan which you can publish for others is

If you have a web page on some other non-CS machine you wish to be included as your listed hyplan in the personnel directory here, put its URL in a file named .hyplan.forward in your $HOME directory and run makehyplan. Run makehyplan anytime you want to update your /l/www/hyplan symbolic links or forwarding URL, according to your current $HOME/.hyplan/* files. Make sure to run it from the same account where your $HOME/.hyplan/* files reside.

CGI's are allowed for those with Sharkestra accounts. Read /l/cgi/README for instructions on how to implement them.

Also, if you create a file named .hyplan/resume.html or .hyplan/resume.txt in your $HOME directory, it will be linked in specially in the personnel directory alongside your hyplan. You can also create a file named .hyplan/resume.forward, instead, to refer your résumé listing to some another URL.

Help for authoring HTML document is available from very many places online and off. Netscape's How To Create Web Services page is one place to start.