Klatt's `History of speech synthesis' 
Archive of audio clips.

Sound files and descriptions from Dennis H. Klatt (1987), 
"Review of text-to-speech conversion for English" 
J. Acous. Soc. Amer. 82, 737-793

Part D: Fully automatic text-to-speech conversion
24. The first full text-to-speech system, done in Japan by Noriko Umeda et al., 1968.  button1
25. The first Bell Laboratories text-to-speech system, by Cecil Coker, Noriko Umeda, and Cathrine Browman, 1973.  button1
26. The Haskins Laboratories text-to-speech system, 1973.  button1
27. The Kurzweil reading machine for the blind, Raymond Kurzweil, 1976.  button1
28. The inexpensive Votrax Type-n-Talk system, by Richard Gagnon, 1978.  button1
29. The Echo low-cost diphone concatenation system, about 1982.  button1
30. The MIT MITalk system, by Jonathan Allen, Sheri Hunnicutt, and Dennis Klatt, 1979.  button1
31. The multi-language Infovox system, by Rolf Carlson, Bjorn Granström and Sheri Hunnicut, 1982.  button1
32. The Speech Plus Inc. ``Prose-2000'' commercial system, 1982.  button1
33. The Klattalk system, by Dennis Klatt of MIT, which formed the basis for Digital Equipment Corporation's DECtalk commercial system, 1983.  button1
34. The ATT Bell Laboratories text-to-speech system, 1985.  button1
35. Several of the DECtalk voices. 
(a) `Perfect Paul' button1
(b) `Beautiful Betty' button1
(c) `Huge Harry' button1
(d) `Kit the Kid' button1
(e) `Whispering Wendy ' button1
36. DECtalk speaking at about 300 words/minute.  button1

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