Miscelleaneous Scheme code

This section contains miscellaneous Scheme code.

  • Josep Riverola's Simmer system, an environment for developing simulation models in Scheme (Simmerv1.01.tar.gz). Requires a Mac, MeroonV3-94Dec14.tar.gz and MacGambit.
  • John Bertoldi's portable 2-D gray-scale graphics package for Scheme (adobe.tar.gz). Produces output that can be used by the Adobe Illustrator (TM) and most other page composition and illustration-editing applications.
  • A simple adventure game written in an object oriented style mostly by a 10-year old (advent.scm). Posted by Ted Dunning.
  • Scheme version of the lisp code for Calendrical Calculations by Nachum Dershowitz and Edward M. Reingold (calend.scm). Scheme code by Ozan Yigit.
  • A CoreWars system in Scheme->C, by Sam Shen (corewar.tar.gz). It will need some work to make it work under other Scheme systems.
  • Scheme version of the Gabriel benchmarks, circa 1987/88, by Will Clinger (gabriel-scm.tar.gz). May need prop.scm.
  • Max Hailperin's simple programmer's interface for robotics sensors and effectors, such as in Lego(R) Technic Control kits and the like, using the Hyperbot(TM) controller. (hyperbot.tar.gz). Uses MIT Scheme.
  • Chez version of Micro ELI (English Language Interpreter) from Shank and Riesbeck (mceli.scm).
  • Chez version of Micro SAM from Shank and Riesbeck (mcsam.scm).
  • Simple code to solve satisfiability, by Ted Dunning (satisfy.scm).
  • Olivier Danvy's "Putting Scheme to Work" demo (work.scm).
  • A Turing Machine simulation, by Ulf Dittmer. (turing.scm).
  • Symbolic differentiation code (based on Abelson & Sussman), by Ulf Dittmer. (symbdiff.scm).
  • A genetic programming engine for Scheme, by Jonathan Kleid. (gpscheme.scm).
  • A molecular CAD program, by Will Ware. It runs on the MrEd interpreter being developed by Matt Flatt at Rice University. (ncad02.scm.gz).

  • The Internet Scheme Repository