Math-oriented Scheme code

These are some math-oriented Scheme programs.

  • This code, due to Jim Miller, has something to do with lattices, but I really do not understand it. It is a heavy-duty grind-and-roll for most scheme interpreters (conform.scm).
  • The Jacal system, a symbolic mathematics system which runs under Scheme, by Aubrey Jaffer (jacal1a5.tar.gz)
  • R. Kent Dybvig's four different fib routines using peano arithmetic, regular, cps, global-value and call/cc (mixfib.scm).
  • An implementation of the Sutherland-Hodgmann polygon clipping algorithm for "T", by Olin Shivers (polyclip.scm).
  • A prime number calculation program (primes.scm), by Ozan Yigit.
  • Chez version of Scott E. Fahlman's "QuickProp", a variation on back-propagation, courtesy Song Koh (qprop.scm).
  • A minimal standard random number generator for 32-bit integers (rand.scm). Taken from CACM 31(10), oct 88. By Ozan Yigit.

  • The Internet Scheme Repository