Object-Oriented programming systems in Scheme

This section contains Scheme code to implement object-oriented programming systems.

  • Christian Queinnec's Meroon, an object oriented system written in Scheme (MeroonV3-95Jun14.tar.gz).
  • Christian Queinnec's Meroonet, Meroon's "little brother", intended to be short, understandable, therefore pedagogical (meroonet93Mar19.tar.gz).
  • A tiny object-oriented programming system, written by Brian Beckman, with multiple inheritance and error handling, modeled after the message passing modules in Chapter 3 of Abelson & Sussman (methods.tar.gz).
  • Mark Feeley's minimal object support for Scheme (minioop.scm).
  • A Scheme implementation of a `kernelized' CLOS with a metaobject protocol, written by Gregor Kiczales (mops.tar.gz).
  • Texas Instruments/Amitabh Srivastava implementation of the SCOOPS object-oriented programming system, with re-writes by Steve Sherin. Also, a bug fix by Richard O'Keefe is included. This package needs first-class environments (scoops.tar.gz).
  • Ken Dickey's Yet Another Scheme Object System, includes collect.oo, sample collection operations over lists, vectors, strings and simple tables. (yasos.tar.gz). See also swob.txt.

  • The Internet Scheme Repository