Scheme code for string manipulation

This section of the repository contains Scheme code for string handling.

  • Stephen J. Bevan's implementation of character sets in Scheme (char-set.tar.gz).
  • Stephen J. Bevan's implementation of conc-strings, a form of string that supports efficient concatenation (conc-string.tar.gz).
  • An implementation of Common Lisp-style string formatting, by Dirk Lutzebaeck, Ken Dickey, and Aubrey Jaffer (format-2.2.tar.gz).
  • A scheme pretty-printer, by Marc Feeley (pp.scm).
  • Richard O'Keefe's generic read-string routine to port code to Scheme implementations that do not support a read-string or read-line primitive (readstring.oak).
  • Routines to unpack various sized integers from a string, by Stephen J. Bevan (string-03.tar.gz).
  • A collection of miscellaneous procedures that operate on strings, by Stephen J. Bevan (string.tar.gz).
  • Code to perform fast substring searches, by Ken Dickey (substr.scm).

  • The Internet Scheme Repository