System-interface Scheme code

This section contains code for operating systems interface, utilities, etc.

  • Stephen J. Bevan's BAWK, an AWK with a Scheme syntax (bawk.tar.gz).
  • Scheme procedures for manipulating file-names, by Olin Shivers (fname.tar.gz).
  • Stephen J. Bevan's MAWK, Minimal AWK in Scheme (mawk.tar.gz).
  • An implementation of a subset of the Common Lisp PATHNAME functions, by Stephen J. Bevan (pathname.tar.gz).
  • A Gambit CGI script that implements a Web equivalent of the UNIX "tail -f" command: it watches a specified file, sending updates to the user via a "server push", by Oleg Kiselyov. (tail-f.tar.gz).

  • The Internet Scheme Repository