Miscellaneous Documents

These are miscellaneous documents relating to Scheme.

  • Mailing list archives.
  • The Scheme bibliography in a variety of formats.
  • A discussion of Church numerals in the lambda calculus (CHURCH).
  • A list of references on Scheme compilation techniques by Ozan Yigit (COMPILER.ref).
  • A short note on area based object sharing and gc by Ken Dickey (AreaNotes.ps.gz).
  • A discussion of finalization mechanisms by Ken Dickey (Finally.txt).
  • John Ramsdell's The Wonderful Thing about Scheme poem (TIGGER.html).
  • Terry Kaufman's list of schools using Scheme (SCHOOLS).
  • Ken Dickey's summary of numerical errors in handling interval arithmetic for various Scheme and Lisp implementations (interval).
  • Peter Housel's series of articles on macro expansion algorithms in Scheme. There are four parts:
  • macros-01.txt
  • macros-02.txt
  • macros-03.txt
  • macros-04.txt
  • Mark Kantrowitz's Scheme FAQ. There are two parts:
  • scheme_1.faq
  • scheme_2.faq

  • The Internet Scheme Repository