Scheme Standards Proposals

Proposed changes and additions to the Scheme standards are kept in this area.

  • A proposal for exception handling
  • A proposed module system by Matthias Blume (
  • Jonathan Rees' The Scheme of Things column on implementing lexically-scoped macros (
  • The LaTeX source for Will Clinger and Jonathan Rees' Macros That Work paper (macros_that_work.tex.gz).
  • Chris Hanson's description of the syntactic closures low-level macro facility, A Syntactic Closures Macro Facility (, from Lisp Pointers IV(4), 9-16, December 1991. It is also available as an info file (synclo-info.tar.gz). An implementation is available, as well (synclo.tar.gz).
  • R. Kent Dybvig's description of the syntax case macro system ( A portable implementation is also available (syntax-case.tar.gz).
  • Two papers from Will Clinger: Hygienic Macros Through Explicit Renaming, ( from Lisp Pointers IV(4), 17-23, December 1991, and Macros in Scheme, ( from Lisp Pointers IV(4), 25-28, December 1991. The LaTeX source is available as well (willc.tar.gz).
  • A proposal for non-generic arithmetic procedures, by Thomas Breuel (non-generic.txt).
  • Pavel Curtis' The Scheme of Things column describing proposed facilities for programmer-defined data types and for multiple return values (
  • Several implementations of the proposed macro system in the appendix to the R4RS report are available:
  • By Robert Hieb and Kent Dybvig (r4rs-syntax.tar.gz).
  • By Will Clinger (macros.will.tar.gz).
  • (cr-macro.tar.gz).
  • By Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees (simple-macros.tar.gz).
  • An implementation of the low-level macro facility by Antoine Dumesnil de Maricourt (r4rs-low-macro-1.0.tar.gz).

  • The Internet Scheme Repository