The UCSTRI Project

The Unified Computer Science Technical Report Index (pronounced as UCSTRI, rhymes with Spruce Tree) project was designed to fix three problems: (Actually, the first of these was not ever really a problem anyway, but trying to do even minimal maintenance on this project should ensure that for the future.)

To see the coverage of this index, a browsable sitelist is now available. The program actually uses a raw sitelist file which is understood by a perl program (the main code is here; ask me if you really want the whole thing) to generate the index. I also have a TODO list of features to add if/when I get around to it. For the curious, at last count, there were over 6,000 TRs indexed from about 120 different FTP sites. I bothered to do stats on for the month of April, 1994; this service handled 18,275 queries from 4,510 different hosts during the month. Yow.

I'm honored that this service received an honorable mention for the Best Professional Service in the 1994 Best of the Web Awards.

Tips for TR providers wishing to be included in UCSTRI are available; please read them if you know of TRs not indexed here that you would like to be.

Disclaimer: I am merely providing hypertext pointers to existing information sources available by anonymous FTP, and this indexing service does not give you access to any information which is not freely available elsewhere. Issues of law and copyright are still catching up with electronic publishing, however. Neither I, nor the department, nor the University assume any liability for copyright status of those articles pointed to by this service. The general disclaimer of this server applies.

By the way, constructive criticism or suggested enhancements in functionality are welcome (as is praise from the newly converted who lo have seen the light and been led forth from the path of worshiping the Gopherus polyphemus Minnesotus :-) I tend to maintain the service in a reactive rather than active manner (it's too big to actively check everything,) so if you notice your favorite archie has a new directory for 1994 that isn't included or something like that, let me know.

This is by no means the only attempt at networking of academic research information; UC-Davis and Cornell have lists of some other resources. I owe a particularly strong debt to Rik Harris's comprehensive list of sites which was invaluable in getting the ball rolling.

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Marc V