Kharagpur Computer Science Batch of 1992

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This is a feeble attempt to get the CS geeks from the batch of 1992 back together. If you are in the batch of 1992, send me mail with a short description of what you are doing these days, and your http home page address, if any, and I will add you to this list. If you are not from CS, send me something anyhow, and I will put you on too. Although the list is kgpcs92, since the mailing list of kgpcs92 expanded, I see no reason why this one can not be expanded.

People who are on the list right now: (Note: legend for marital status: S=single, M=married, E=engaged, Z=no idea)

Vikas Arora S
Sudarshan BanerjeeSudo S
Sandipan BasuKhogen, Khoga sbasu@baynetworks.comM
Rajarshi BhattacharyaRajb M
Chayan BiswasDadu
Subhasis Bose bose@exemplar.comS
Pradipta GhoshPgee E
Sanjay Jain sjain@american.megatrends.comE
Dinesh KatyalKattu! S

Tirthankar Lahiri
Ting Tong, TIMMY M
Rajkumar Meel rmeel@mail.npiww.comM
Manaw Modi Z
Sourav MukherjeeShuru,Bama S
Joydeep NathPondy
Kant Patel M
Koushik RayKeray kray@ctc.comZ

Prasenjit Sarkar
Boltuda E
Virinder Singh virinders@yahoo.comM
VV RamakrishnaVVR ramav@cs.umn.eduZ
Kanoj Sarcar E
Indranarayan SarkarPanchu S
Anirban SenguptaAni anirban@swdc.stratus.comM

Arijit Sengupta
Jit S

Chaitali Sengupta M
Sabyasachi SenguptaChang chang@india.ti.comM

To send all of us mail, type in the mail text in the text box below, and use the "Send Mail" button. Note that this uses the Kgpcs92 mailing list kept by Boltu. If you are one of us, and we don't have you in kgpcs92, send mail to Boltz. Please drop me a line if you want your address to be added to this page.

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