Interface to Pat with the English Poetry Database

This document is a test interface for use with the Chadwyck Healey English Poetry Database (TM) using the Open Text 5.0 software. This is just a test interface. Any problems with it should be reported to the author. Limited help is available, with possible problems and their solutions.

If you want to use a simple search, use the following simple search form. However, if you want to make a complicated search with multiple clauses and conditions, use the Complex search form.

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Complex Search Form

This form contains three columns - the first column is an operator column, available only from the second row. The second column is the search string column, with text regions to type in a search string or regular expression. The third column is for specifying the region in which the search string is to be searched for. It is possible that complicated combinations of queries might return null result, so it is better to start with one or two clauses, and then refine your query to obtain multiple clauses.

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Simple Search Form

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