Pat Interface Problems

Some common problems and their solutions are already provided in the HELP page. If you haven't looked in there yet, please do so.

If you are having problems with the PAT Interface, we would like to know what kinds of problems you are getting, so that we can fix them and make sure that others are not having the same problems. Please let us know by filling this form out what exact problems you were having, what query you executed, what results you were expecting, and what results you got. You will get a reply as soon as I get to the bottom of the problem, and I will let you know when the problem is fixed (if it was due to a bug in the program). Please try to be as explicit as possible.


Arijit Sengupta

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My query returned no resuls.

The result screen looked mangled.

Pat was taking too long to show the results.

On fetching, pat returned with no matches.

The fetched result was incomplete/mangled.

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