SGML Systems

The software have recently been updated to use the path "/l/sgml" as the root to the installation trees. This means you can just put /l/sgml/bin in your path and /l/sgml/man in your manpath to have access to all the software except Pat (Open Text 5.0). Please check the specifics of the software for detailed information.


PAT (Open Text 5.0)

Pat is a commercial full-text database product from Open Text, Waterloo. We have a university site license through the library in the LETRS project. Pat is currently being used in the LETRS section in the library with the OED (Oxford English Database). In the lab, it is being used with the English Poetry Full Text Database, as well as for other development purposes. A WWW Form interface with PAT is presently being built (still under construction.) Note that if you are accessing this from a location outside IU, you will not be able to see the results of your query, since the results come from a copyrighted database.

To use Pat and its X-Motif Graphical User Interface, you would have to add the following lines to your shell resources file (e.g. .tcshrc if you are using tcsh. You might need to change the syntax of the statements if you are using some other shell.

# The following lines are added to be able to access ot.
setenv OTROOT /nfs/entity/home/db0/ot
setenv PATH "$PATH":"$OTROOT"/bin
# If you have a manpath already set, use the following to add
# the ot man pages to it
setenv MANPATH "$OTROOT"/man:"$SGMLROOT"/qwertz/format-1.3/man:
# Otherwise put the follwing line instead (remove the #)
# setenv MANPATH "$OTROOT"/man
setenv UIDPATH "$OTROOT"/lib/%U
setenv XVTPATH "$OTROOT"/lib
setenv OTQINIFILE "$OTROOT"/lib/otquery.ini

The current installation of Pat is in /home/db0/ot in entity. The directory contains example scripts and example data which you can use to check its performance. Man pages of dbbuild50, sgmlrgn50, patbld50, etc. are available in $OTROOT/man.

SGMLS by James Clark

Sgmls is a simple SGML parser written by James Clark. This parser is available from all machines in cs in /usr/local/bin/sgmls. The rast form generator is available in /usr/local/bin/rast. Man pages for both sgmls and rast are available.

An updated version of SGMLS, version 1.1.91, has been installed in /l/sgml/sgmls. The binaries of sgmls and rast are in /l/sgml/bin, and man pages are in /l/sgml/man. In order to use the updated version, please keep /l/sgml/bin before /usr/local/bin in your PATH statement. - Perl5 class library by David Megginson is a perl5 class library by David Megginson. It comes with an application called sgmlspl which is a very simple tranlslation utility to translate SGML to any other format using very simple style sheets that use perl subroutines. Actually, you need to write perl code only if the conversion is complicated. The package also includes a sample application called that can generate a skeleton of the translation style sheet that can be used as a starting point for writing your conversion tool.

In order to use, make sure you have /l/sgml/bin in your path. You will also need to add the following in your shell resources file:

setenv PERL5LIB /l/sgml/lib/perl5

In order to run sgmlspl, you need to run nsgmls to parse the source SGML document and pipe the ESIS output to sgmlspl, in the following way:

csh[1]% nsgmls mydoc.dtd mydoc.sgm | sgmlspl > output.txt

In the above, mydoc.dtd and mydoc.sgm are the documents that you need to process. The file contains your style sheet, and output.txt is the file you want to save the translated results.

Online documentation are available:

From David Megginson's Page:
Local copies (may not be the latest version):

SP: Advanced SGML Parser by James Clark

NOTE! SP is now included in the jade package, which is installed in /l/sgml/jade-1.2.1. Please change the directories below according. Note that the /l/sgml/bin, /l/sgml/lib and /l/sgml/man directories stay intact.

Nsgmls is an advanced version of of sgmls. This software is currently installed in /usr/local/share/sgml/sp in center, and is accessible from all cs machines in the directory /l/sgml/sp. To use it, you need /l/sgml/bin in your path, and /l/sgml/man in your manpath. The binaries provided by sp are nsgmls (the SGML Parser), and spam (SGML normalizer). The current version of sp installed is 1.0.9, which is a developers version, and includes a newly designed API. It is strongly recommended that you read the The documentation on SP before using SP.

More information on sp can be looked up at James Clark's Home Page.

QWERTZ DTD and Format

A general SGML converter to convert SGML to other formats is available in /l/sgml/qwertz/format-1.3. This software can convert SGML data into LaTeX, Man page format, nroff, etc. To use this software, add /l/sgml/qwertz/format-1.3/bin to your path. Manual pages are available in compressed postscript format, LaTeX format, and in SGML format in /l/sgml/qwertz/doc.

Perl Library for SGML : perlSGML

A perl Library package for SGML conversion, DTD visualization and conversion, is available in /l/sgml/perlSGML/1995Mar31. To use the executables, add /l/sgml/perlSGML/1995Mar31/bin to your path. Manual Pages for the routines and the executables are available.

CoST: (Copenhagen SGML Tool)

CoST is a general SGML conversion package based on the Tcl scripting language. It lets you convert any valid SGML document to a format specified by a tcl-encoded specification file. In order to see exactly how this is done, you can read the manual pages.

To use CoST, you will need to add the following in your shell rc file:

setenv COST /l/sgml/CoST/cost
setenv COST_INIT "$COST"/lib/Init.tcl
setenv COST_LIB "$COST"/lib
setenv COST_SPECS "$COST"/lib/specs

SoftQuad HoTMetaL

This product is a sampler version of the more complete product called HoTMetaL Pro, by SoftQuad, Inc.. It is a WYSIWYG HTML editor, compatible with HTML 2.0. This software is installed in /l/sgml/hotmetal. The software has on-line help, and Postscript versions of the manuals are also available in the /l/sgml/hotmetal/doc directory. The binaries "sqhm" (the HTML editor), and "mkfontsrc" (the font maker) are in the bin directory. To use hotmetal, you must have the following in your shell rc file:

setenv SQDIR /l/sgml/hotmetal

DPP (DTD Pre-processor Parser)

Dpp is a pre-alpha version of a pre-processor and parser for DTDs. This parser can read a DTD, and generate sgmls-compatible output based on the DTD DTD. This software is still not an officially released version, so is possibly not very reliable. The dpp binary is installed in /l/sgml/bin

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