Bookmarks for Arijit Sengupta

Academic Life


A201 Introduction to Programming I
A113 Data Analysis
A114 Intro to Databases
B599 Teaching in Computer Science
CSCI C343 Data Structures
A348 Mastering the WWW
Electronic Classroom Options
MIT CS101: 6.096 Fall '97 Home Page
Teaching Graduate Students to Teach
K201 Entry Page

Grants etc.

NSF: News for

Research Stuff

Conferences etc.

Welcome to the SIGMOD/PODS '98 Web Site
Database Events
ADL '97 Call for Papers
International Journal of Digital Libraries
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Very Large Data Bases Endowment (VLDB)
Graphic Communications Today
Hypermedia '96 Conference
ACM Special Interest Groups
SIGMOD/PODS'96 Electronic Information Resource
NSF Workshop

DB Research Specifics

SGML Standard Table of Contents
SyBooks Web Server

SGML stuff


Dr. Macro's Home Page
CDATA Confusion
SGML & DSSSL Syntax summary
ISO 8879 Review Current Information Set
SGML Declarations
TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange
HyTime: ISO 10744 Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language


Public SGML/XML Software
A GNU Emacs mode for SGML files
Multext tools
Jade - James' DSSSL Engine
Sgrep - Home page
Ovidius - Metamorphosis
Davenport Group Archive DOCBOOK DTD
Cost Home Page
Costwish home page


ETD: Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Project
Special Edition Using SGML Home Page
DBMS Support of SGML Files
Falch Home Page
The Whirlwind Guide to SGML & XML tools and Vendors
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 Home Page
SGML Open Home Page
SGML Web Page
The <SGML> Project Home Page
The OCLC Fred Home Page
The Wider World of SGML on the Web

HTML stuff

CSS Pointers
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
An introduction to HTML
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
HTML: Working and Background Materials
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
SoftQuad Inc.'s Welcome Page
Tools for WWW providers
HTML Documentation Table of Contents
WebTechs Validation Service
The Table Sampler

XML stuff

Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Books Home Page
XML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Introduction to XML
XML: Home

DSSSL stuff

DSSSList Archive by thread
Introduction to DSSSL
A tutorial on DSSSL


OSG: Publications
MIND Homepage
SQL Standards Home Page
How to cocoon Your C++ Header Files
X-jobb: A WWW Gateway to LINCKS, IDA, LiTH, Sweden
ASSET - Asset Source for Software Engg. Tech.

Important academic sites

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Database Systems & Logic Programming
FindMail Communications: dbworld
UMBC Computer Science WWW Server
IU Logic Program
SHORE Project Home Page
SHORE and Linux
EXODUS Project Home Page
Human-Computer Interaction Resources
Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland
Computing Research Association
Sybperl Man Page

WWW Database Projects


AIship Administration
CSCI Roster
IU Computer Science Courses


DocBase - A Document Database System
QBT Demonstration
The SGML Query Interface
Test form interface for PAT Querying


The Personal Southeast Asian Career Connection


On-line FLAS Application processing
Application search
Documentation for the FLAS Database


GSS Database Main Menu
GSS Public options


International Career and Employment Network (ICEN)
Grant And Fellowship Database


Java Related pages


Java Documents

Java Documentation
Java Documentation FAQ
Java FAQ Archives
GUI Programming using Java
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Brewing Java: A Tutorial


Java Tools pages

Sybase® jConnect(TM) for JDBC(TM) Installation Guide and Release Bulletin
Download jConnect for JDBC
teikade information base
j2c/CafeBabe (in English)
ModelWorks Software
Online Magazine
Innovative Software Germany
Diva for Java
jev - Java Event Tool

Other things

Java home pages etc.

How to bypass Netscape's SecurityManager
Java Optimization
Arthur's External Home Page
Jesse's Java Powered Homepage
Kevin Kessler's Java Page
Club Java: sponsored by Virtual Rendezvous
Doug Lea's Workstation

Internet stuff

Webmonkey: e-business: E-Commerce Tutorial
Alta Vista: Main Page
PHP/FI Version 2.0
Professional Home Pages Version 3.0
The Open Text Index
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
babyOIL - Resource Discovery System
NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows Home Page
Hypertext Webster Interface
A Resource To Build A Better Website

CGI stuff

Pascal's Header-Echo
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
The Common Gateway Interface - 2
NCSA httpd Overview
Writing and Debugging CGI Scripts
CGI Scripting Tutorial
Virtual Library/CyberWeb: CGI
Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:CGI - Common Gateway Interface
The Home Page
WDB - Introduction

Operating Systems



StarOffice4.0 final on RedHat
The xldlas Homepage
IRQTUNE -- A Linux x86 IRQ Priority Optimizer
dxpc - The Differential X Protocol Compressor
DXPC-3.8.0 beta 2
Download RealAudio Player 2.0 for Linux - ELF
SAMBA Web Pages
Linux LAN information
The FVWM-95 home page
Binstats - a Linux/i386 utility for binaries and dynamic libraries
mallozzi home - various utils
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X
Thot structured editor for Linux
Star Division - CeBIT Home Page
SGML-Tools homepage
XForms Home Page


Homebrew Linux CD
Linux FAT32 Support
mini-HOWTO Connectix QuickCam color and Linux
Freedom Capture
Linux Databases
The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
Welcome to Linux
Unix Workstation Support Group Home Page
Kernel Modules Stuff (BLOX)
The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page
Netscape Cache Management
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
The SIG11 problem
Software Victims of the 1.3 Kernel Development


"Cheap Bytes"

Windows 95

Perl for Win32
Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
What's New at Cygnus
GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95
Brian Tibbetts's GNU Ispell Port Page
Ghostscript, Ghostview & GSview
Win95-L Windows95 FAQ
The Windows 95 Page!
WinGate by Qbik Software
Welcome to WINHQ
Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page - The 32bit OS Center!
Windows95 Home Page

Computer Stuff

My systems

Acer America on the Web
EXP Computer, Inc.
Quantex Home Page
U.S. Robotics Mobile Communications Corp.
EtherLink III PC Cards (PCMCIA)
Where do I buy PCMCIA cables?
Pocket Ethernet Adapter III
USR compatible 33.6k modem problem

Notebook deals

Custom Mac
InterActive Computing
Comp-U-Note Unlimited
Underground Computers Inc.


AuctionWeb Classifieds
Internet Memory Exchange homepage
Surplus Direct
ComCare Home Page
The Used Computer Mall(tm)
CLC Research - Memory Division
Active Components Home Page


Bottom Line Distribution Catalog

Other stuff

Bengali fonts

Amar Bangladesh (by Faisal H. Khan)
SonarGaon© Bengali Font
Bengali-Assamese Sample

Home Pages

Home page for Jit
The Database Group
KGPCS92 Home page
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
The IUB Webmaster

Other useful stuff

Data Management Support
IUB Libraries Renewal Instruction
Search for Answers to Computing Questions
IU Address Book- Name Search
World Alumni Page
Digital Daily Welcome - IRS

Career/Job stuff

Trinity University Faculty and Contract Staff Handbook: Main
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network
Internal Funding Opportunities for Faculty, 1997-98
IU Career Development Center
The Chronicle of Higher Education - JOB OPENINGS in and out of Academe - Computer and information sciences
SGML: ArborText 's ADEPT Series of SGML Publishing Tools
Indiana University Faculty/Staff Salary Listing
Academic Position Network
Online Career Center
CareerMosaic Page 1
Leo R. Dowling International Center
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server

Fun stuff

News and TV

Rediff on the Net [Sports] : India Online News Information Entertainment
The Telegraph
THE HINDU : Main Menu
The Times of India
AFP with Globe Online - News about Cricket
Deccan Chronicle
Indian Express Publications
Call from Calcutta - your gateway to internet telephony and faxing
Electronic Telegraph
TV1 - for whats on tonite
Couldn't connect first time I tried
Control Panel
TV Net * TV on the Web
WRTV6 Home Page
CNN Interactive
ESPNET SportsZone


Rediff Commentary
Cricinfo [USA Mirror]
The Times of India - Cricket Update
Jagged Internetworks: Cricket Live from Bangladesh
#cricket on IRC


Welcome to Floyd Radio
Enigma 3
The Dieter Bohlen Page
BMG Music Services | Sign In
The Scorpions Home Page
Simply Red


Suzuki GSF400 Bandit
Motorcycle Consumer News: Used Bike Value Guide

Other stuff

Data Conversion Laboratory: Conversion Cartoon 39C
India on Internet Home Page
The Electric Postcard
DigiCash ecash - ecash home page
The ITRANS Song Book (ISB) Release 3.0
Welcome To HotWired!
Welcome to Real Audio !

Auto and Financial Stuff

IU Credit Union's Web Home Teller
The Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate
Find Your Best Place Search Page
Ann Arbor Real Estate - Acclaim Residential Marketing
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Kelley Blue Book Used Car Bluebook Values and New Car Pricing
Living "Indian" in Pittsburgh

Travel Stuff

Microsoft Expedia travel services
QuickAID: Your Home For Airport Information!
TRAVEL - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information

Personal Toolbar Folder



Yellow Pages


What's New
What's Cool


Team member evaluation
Intlprog Public options
Index of /ecTech/mail