Robert G. Burger and R. Kent Dybvig, An infrastructure for profile-driven dynamic recompilation. Proceedings of ICCL'98, the IEEE Computer Society International Conference on Computer Languages, May 1998 (bibtex).

Dynamic optimization of computer programs can dramatically improve their performance on a variety of applications. This paper presents an efficient infrastructure for dynamic recompilation that can support a wide range of dynamic optimizations including profile-driven optimizations. The infrastructure allows any section of code to be optimized and regenerated on-the-fly, even code for currently active procedures. The infrastructure incorporates a low-overhead edge-count profiling strategy that supports first-class continuations and reinstrumentation of active procedures. Profiling instrumentation can be added and removed dynamically, and the data can be displayed graphically in terms of the original source to provide useful feedback to the programmer.

edge-count profiling, dynamic compilation, run-time code generation, basic-block reordering