Michael Gasser

Emeritus Associate Professor
Informatics & Computing and Cognitive Science
Indiana University

Who I am
This informal autobiography of me explains how I moved among the different fields that I've been in. It's a little out-of-date. In particular it doesn't say that I retired in May 2012 and now live in Santa Cruz, California. I am still doing research, but I will not be taking on any new PhD students.
What I do
You can read about the research that I do on the webpages of the Human Language Technology and the Democratization of Information (HLTDI) lab.
Outside of academia, I am or was involved in the Indiana University Progressive Faculty and Staff Caucus; social forums at the world, regional, and national levels; the sister-city project relating Bloomington, Indiana to Santa Clara, Cuba; and the Palestine-Israel Action Committee in Santa Cruz. I also like to travel to as many places as I can.
Of course I've published academic papers. I've also given talks and interviews, including some on non-academic topics. I've written a free, online introductory textbook for linguistics. And I've written software, for both teaching and research.
How to find me
You can e-mail me at <gasser at cs dot indiana dot edu>. If you want to use encryption, you'll need my PGP/GPG public key. If you want to talk or chat, look for me on Jitsi (<onlyskybl at gmail dot com>).