Georgi Chunev

Georgi N. Chunev
PhD Student in Computer Science
Indiana University - Bloomington

e-mail: gnchunev at

Current Advisors:
Prof. Andrew Lumsdaine
Prof. Andrew Hanson

Adobe Internship Advisor:
Dr. Todor Georgiev

Resume | Oral Qualifier Reading List | ADS List of Publications

Work Interests

In general, I am interested in work related to interactive graphics and plenoptic rendering. Apart from research, I am looking forward to getting some industry experience, as well as more teaching practice before graduating in 2013.

I have not done any research in astrophysics ever since I started graduate school, but I value my past work in the field, and, if the chance comes, I would be glad to use my experience.

CS Research Projects

	"Interactive Ray-Tracing" 

 Project Description:

	OpenCL implementation of an interactive ray-tracer

	"Plenoptic Rendering with Interactive Performance using GPUs" 

 Project Description:

	Analysis and implementation of fast GLSL algorithms for image synthesis
   from plenoptic data

 Results: SPIE Computational Imaging IX Poster (in preparation)
 Demos:  NVIDIA GTC Keynote Speech (See 1:20:00) |  NVIDIA GTC Presentation

Astronomy Research Projects

 SUMMER 2007: 
	"Optical Spectroscopy of GLIMPSE Stars with 8 Micron Infrared Excess" 

 Project Description:

	Spectral classification of a subset of GLIMPSE, debris-disk, candidate stars 
    using the Wyoming Infrared Observatory Long Slit Spectrograph

 Results: AAS Poster | MC Research Symposium Paper

 FALL 2006/SPRING 2007:
	"Infrared Dust Bubbles: 
	Probing the Detailed Structure and Young Massive Stellar Populations of Galactic HII Regions"
 	Watson, C.; Povich M.S.; Churchwell, E.B.; Babler, B.L.; Chunev, G.C.;
	Hoare, M.; Indebe-touw, R.; Meade, M.R.; Robitaille, T.P.; Whitney, B.A.
	ApJ, 681, p.1341-1355 (2008)
 Results: ApJ Paper | ADS Entry

 SUMMER 2006: 
	"High-Mass Star Formation in Three Southern, Galactic Cores" 

 Project Description:
    	Analysis of three southern, galactic, high-mass, star-formation 
    regions using GLIMPSE data and a 2-D radiation transfer model fitter.

 Results: AAS Poster

School-Related Projects in Graphics

 SUMMER 2010: 
	"GPU-based Image Warping" 

 Project Description:
    	GLSL implementation of a general projective transformation.

 Downloads: Source
 FALL 2009: 
	"Basic Ray-Tracer" 

 Project Description:
    	Implementation of a basic ray tracer in C++.

 Downloads: Source
 FALL 2009: 
	"Phong Shader" 

 Project Description:
    	GLSL implementation of a Phong shader used for a lecture I gave on 
   graphics processing. (geometry shader example included)

 Downloads: Source | Lecture
 SUMMER 2009: 
	"Shadow Mapping" 

 Project Description:
    	GLSL implementation of interactive shadow mapping using FBOs

 Downloads: Source
 SPRING 2009: 
	"Volume Renderer" 

 Project Description:
    	GLSL implementation of an interactive volume renderer with a variety of 
   transfer functions

 Downloads: Source
 FALL 2008: 
	"BoX YaRd" 

 Project Description:
    	Implementation of an interactive first-person scene with collision detection

 Downloads: Source