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SUMMER 2007:

	Optical spectra (3910 - 6660 Ang.) for 23 stars having 8 micron excess in the Spitzer 
   GLIMPSE Point Source Catalog were obtained with the Wyoming Infrared Observatory's (WIRO)
   2.3 m telescope and longslit spectrograph. The targets were selected to have [4.5]-[8.0] 
   and J-K colors consistent with A or B stars having mid-IR excesses. The collected spectra
   were used to measure Ha equivalent widths and classify the stars by comparison with stellar
   atlases. Three of the stars show Ha in emission, one has a mixed profile, and 19 have Ha in
   absorption. Six of the stars are evolved (luminosity class III or IV) while 17 appear to be
   main-sequence stars. The main-sequence stars with emission are probable Be stars or Herbig
   AeBe stars. The evolved stars may be B[e] stars with dusty photospheres. The 13 main-sequence
   stars lacking Ha emission may have hot circumstellar dust and are candidates for young systems
   with warm massive dust disks.

 Download AAS 2007 Poster:
         Optical Spectroscopy of GLIMPSE Stars with 8 Micron Infrared Excesses
 Authors: Georgi Chunev, Sarah Bird, Chip Kobulnicky , and Brian Uzpen

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