#!/bin/sh - made=mailto:steve@kinzler.com sectfont='Helvetica,sans-serif' tailfont="$sectfont" kzbtry='./ styles/kinzb/ ../styles/kinzb/ ../../styles/kinzb/' headextra= case "${USER-$LOGNAME}" in kinzler) headextra=" ";; esac # htmlbit - output personalized, standard segments of HTML to build web pages # Steve Kinzler, steve@kinzler.com, Dec 98 # http://kinzler.com/me/home.html#web case "$KZB_PATH" in '') for path in $kzbtry do test -f "${path}kinzbtle.gif" && { KZB_PATH="$path"; break; } done;; esac case "$KZB_PATH" in ./) KZB_PATH=;; esac case "$1" in -h|'') (echo "usage: $0 key ..." echo "Path to kinzb gifs: KZB_PATH=$KZB_PATH" echo Keys: | tr -d '\012' sed -n 's/^#->//p' `which $0`) 1>&2; exit 1;; esac for key do case "$key" in #-> head a template page head head) cat < $headextra EOF true;; #-> headextra extra custom content in the page head headextra) echo "$headextra"; true;; #-> body begin a page body and section body) "$0" body-kinzb sect-kinzb;; #-> body-kinzb begin a page body in Kinzler Blue style body-kinzb) cat < EOF true;; #-> sect-kinzb begin a page section in Kinzler Blue style sect-kinzb) cat < EOF true;; #-> tail-kinzb begin a page tail in Kinzler Blue style tail-kinzb) cat <
EOF true;; #-> sect end and begin page sections sect) "$0" /sect-kinzb sect-kinzb;; #-> tail a complete page tail tail) "$0" /sect-kinzb tail-kinzb sig /tail-kinzb;; #-> /sect-kinzb end a page section in Kinzler Blue style /sect-kinzb) cat <
EOF true;; #-> sig my authoring signature sig) cat <@kinzler.com> EOF true;; #-> /tail-kinzb end a page tail in Kinzler Blue style /tail-kinzb) cat < About page style
EOF true;; *) echo "$0: unknown key ($key)" 1>&2;; esac done