Andrew Lumsdaine

Professor, Computer Science Department

Director, Center for Research on Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST)

Associate Dean for Research, School of Informatics and Computing

Indiana University

420 N Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

Tel: +01 812 856 5288





Selected Recent Publications

Oldies but Goodies

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, 1992

•EE, ibid, 1988

•SMEE, ibid, 1986

•SBEE, ibid, 1984

P536: Advanced Operating Systems

Fall 2014.

B649: High Performance Computing

Spring 2013.

B524: Parallelism in Programming Languages and Systems

Last taught Spring 2012.

Links to work in progress can be found on the CREST research page.

•Generic programming

•High-performance scientific computing

•Parallel, distributed, and concurrent programming

•Parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing

•Computational photography

•Software engineering

•Numerical analysis and numerical linear algebra

•Iterative numerical methods

•Waveform relaxation

•Image and video processing, restoration, and enhancement

The complete list is on the CREST publications page.

Todor Georgiev and Andrew Lumsdaine. The Multi-Focus Plenoptic Camera. In IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, January 2012.

Abhishek Kulkarni, Michael Lang, Latchesar Ionkov, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Optimizing Latency and Throughput for Spawning Processes on Massively Multicore Processors. In ROSS '12: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers, June 2012.

Andrew Lumsdaine, Georgi N. Chunev, and Todor Georgiev. Interactive Plenoptic Rendering with GPUs. In IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, February 2012.

Andrew Lumsdaineand Todor Georgiev. Spatial Domain Analysis of Discrete Plenoptic Sampling. In IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, January 2012.

Zhan Yu, Jingyi Yu, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Todor Georgiev. An Analysis of Color Demosaicing in Plenoptic Cameras. In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2012, June 2012.

Eric Holk, William Byrd, Nilesh Mahajan, Jeremiah Willcock, Arun Chauhan, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Declarative Parallel Programming for GPUs. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo), September 2011.


Nick Edmonds, Alex Breuer, Douglas Gregor, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Single-Source Shortest Paths with the Parallel Boost Graph Library. In The Ninth DIMACS Implementation Challenge: The Shortest Path Problem, November 2006.

Jaakko Järvi, Douglas Gregor, Jeremiah Willcock, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Jeremy Siek. Algorithm Specialization in Generic Programming: Challenges of Constrained Generics in C++. In Proceedings PLDI '06, pages 272-282, 2006.

Jeremiah Willcock and Andrew Lumsdaine. Accelerating Sparse Matrix Computations via Data Compression. In International Conference on Supercomputing, pages 307--316, June 2006.

Douglas Gregor and Andrew Lumsdaine. Lifting Sequential Graph Algorithms for Distributed-Memory Parallel Computation. In Proceedings OOPSLA '05, pages 423-437, October 2005.